The Obama Agenda – Tyranny

The History channel’s “Sons of Liberty” series may have been short on facts but they did a great job of capturing the colonist’s passion. That was the secret to the colonies’ victory, passion, dedication, and commitment. That’s what President Obama brings to the table, passion for his agenda, commitment to his transformation aka revolution, dedication to each piece of his … [Read more...]

Not a Good Time to be Jewish

Not since the 1940’s has it been so dangerous to be Jewish. The shooting in Denmark, the shootings at the Jewish Grocery in Paris (that Obama said was random) and the other anti-Semitism activities spreading across Europe have led Israeli and European Jewish leaders asking European Jews to come home to the safety of Israel. In Israel they probably are safer from the lone wolf … [Read more...]


I oppose amnesty, totally and unconditionally reject any form of amnesty. I want to block people from crashing our southern border and I want to send back those who got through. I make no apologies for wanting to stop the Black Friday mentality of mobs pushing and shoving their way across the border to get the good stuff before it’s gone. Opposing amnesty doesn’t make me … [Read more...]

You’re Asking The Wrong Questions

You remember that smug teacher who would draw you into an argument, play devil's advocate, then verbally jab and punch until you finally screamed uncle?  Then that teacher would turn the debate on its head with a single sentence, "You're asking the wrong questions?" As annoying as that uber-intellectual response is, sometimes it's spot on. Radio and TV talking heads, … [Read more...]

President Obama is the Real Life Billy Flynn

I recently sat down to watch one of my favorite movies, Chicago, for the 127th time (or thereabouts) and I was suddenly struck by a bizarre revelation: President Barrack Obama, who learned the art of politics in Chicago, is the real life Billy Flynn. For those of you who need reminding – Chicago is a story of jazz, liquor, sex and murder in 1920's Chicago. Through the eyes … [Read more...]