Terrorism & ISIS are Americans’ #1 Concern

The American public is swirling with many controversies, concerns and political opinions. People are taking to social media to voice concerns about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, party rules at the Republican National Convention and currently the buzz is due to the Democratic National Convention's lack of flying Old Glory - although there have been Palestinian flags flying and … [Read more...]

Eddie Murphy to Paul Ryan…

I hear the GOP is not getting many donations. Good. They don't deserve them. Why on earth would I send money to a bunch of clowns, who have no idea what to say to the American people, or how to say it? I've been getting emails from Paul Ryan…Team Ryan. I've counted some dozen emails over the last month. Not one of these emails says anything to me other than, "We have to … [Read more...]

Why People Are Interested In Politics

What is it about politics that get's us all so fired up? I was Tweeting last night during the hour before the Joke of the Union address. (See!  There I go!  Why would I have written "Joke" instead of "State?"  Because if the emotions behind the idea.  Let me explain...) So I'm tweeting away with my couple thousand online friends.   It was fun; Obama, Biden and the crew … [Read more...]

I Miss Bill Clinton

I miss Bill Clinton.  No really...I do. I'm all teary eyed and nostalgic about him.  White Water, The chinese donations, Lincoln Bedroom renting, stains on blue dresses...it really was fun. We even had some serious deep throat (no pun intended) stuff going on with the Vince Foster death.  Remember that?  I still think Hillary had him off'ed. Yet, among all this, nobody … [Read more...]

Allen West Didn’t Go Far Enough

Vile and despicable are apt descriptions, but they don't go far enough in two regards.  First, Allen's remarks are only directed at Debbie Wasserloser Shultz.  Second, he left out some important examples. This woman, Debbie Shultz is a vile and despicable person.  Here are some of the things she has said: "He [Allen West] thinks it's okay to objectify and denigrate … [Read more...]