CSI Las Vegas Takes a Cheap Shot at Tea Party

Last night, I watched CSI on my DVR. It was the season opener. I generally like CSI Miami and CSI New York better than the original, but I still DVR all the episodes in case I need something reliable to watch on an otherwise unoccupied evening. For the record, Miami and New York are not on the boycott list. Setting the stage for their cheap political statement... In … [Read more...]

The Best and Worst of Hollywood Liberals

I try really hard to look past the Hollywood idiots.  I mean, REALLY hard.  But at some point you just have to add them to the boycott list.  I'll overlook stupidity, but at some point a line is crossed.  Here are a couple of examples: A couple years ago, the Dixie Chicks began publicly hammering GW Bush.  Mostly about the war in Iraq, but generally they followed the liberal … [Read more...]