What Happened To The Landslide?

One of my top New Year’s Resolutions was to write a posting for a conservative blog in 2014. That’s right, 2014, not 2015. Unfortunately, a number of intervening events distracted me from this particular resolution. The good news is that I was still able to cross my main 2014 resolution off the list. I completed my first novel that will hit the market later this month. Too … [Read more...]

Wanted: A Clear Message From Republicans

I've long thought that Republicans have a marketing problem. I hear my friends and relatives say things at the dinner table that are far more effective than anything coming out of the GOP. Save for Paul "Sorry I voted for TARP" Ryan and now, Adam Kinzinger. Who?? Adam Kinzinger, Representative for Illinois 11th Congressional District. This guy could easily be you … [Read more...]

Young Guns Coming for the Shrill Left

Everywhere you turn the left is in a panic.  The evidence is everywhere: On Twitter, the vitriol has reached epic proportions.  The liberals who are posting comments are noticeably more vicious than ever before. Liberal blogs are getting more and more shrill.  The columns are filled with personal insults and name calling. Editorial pages are getting just insane - see … [Read more...]

Republicans Have a Marketing Problem

Republicans have a marketing problem. Everyone dances around it, but sooner or later the elephant in the room will step on your toe. Well, I have a sore toe. First, what do you think of when you think of a Republican? Really….what do you think? I bet it’s some combination of greedy, white, mean-spirited, male, racist, capitalist, rich, jerk. Sound about … [Read more...]

The Conservative Movement Must Purge RINO’s

In the most ego-centric, self-serving, spineless political move of the year, Arlen Specter switched sides and became a Democrat yesterday. Good Riddance. This is exactly what conservatives need; to purge our Congress of Republicans who sacrifice their ideals and political philosophy, to the extent that that had any to begin with, for positions of increasing power and … [Read more...]