Ridiculous Taxes Aren’t New – Crazy Taxes Around the World

Have you ever taken a moment to consider all the taxes you pay throughout your life? Many of these are hidden as fees or 'buying costs' that many don't recognize as taxes, but nonetheless they are sneaking hard-earned money out of your pocket. Federal income tax - The federal government gets a slice of your paycheck right off the top. Social security tax - Another 7.5% of … [Read more...]

Voting To Get Other People’s Stuff

The bottom 45% of income earners pay exactly 0 federal income tax. Zero. Zilch. And for our illegal friends, nada. That kind of pisses me off. Here we have the Demagogue-in-Chief going around telling everybody that the rich don't pay their fair share and they are successful on the backs of the poor. Except this is a bald-faced lie. The top 5% of income earners … [Read more...]

Proof – Obama is a Socialist

Many people seem to think that by taxing the rich, it will help the lower income families.  I disagree. Except it is just absurd and any critical thought exposes this for what it is: the proven failed policies of the socialist. The rich already pay the lion's share of the taxes. Here's a breakdown: The Top 1% of income earners pay 40% of all income taxes … [Read more...]

Obama Will Help the Workers Out?

I think that raising taxes on businesses is the wrong thing to do in a faltering economy.If a company has been laying off people at regular intervals for the last 5 years WITH tax cuts, what do you think is going to happen when their taxes go up? The cost of each employee is going to go up and they will have to either pay lower wages, charge more for their services, or lay off … [Read more...]

The answer? Tax em even more…

In one of the more stark examples of the difference between conservative and liberal inclinations, we had a small victory in the Virginia Assembly.  Kaine's plan to raise gas taxes has been killed.  Good riddance. This is the liberal mind hard at work.  We have a budget problem.  We need money to improve roads.  What do we do?  Raise taxes.  Even better - raise GAS … [Read more...]