When Boehner Attacks – John Boehner Rips Tea Party And Risks 2014

Our nations most favorite crybaby, John Boehner, has decided that he doesn't much like the tea party. But don't worry - he's "as conservative as anybody..." (Belly laugh of the day.) But here's the problem - Boehner doesn't remember 2012, when the Tea Party stayed home. Mitt Romney - nice guy - was not the constitutional conservative we needed to make things right (sorry for … [Read more...]

Do Not Speak For Us, Karl Rove

Dear Karl, I've been wanting to tell you exactly what I think of you for more than a year now, and the article Newsmax recently emailed me, "Karl Rove: Congressional Acrimony Irritates Americans," has provided me the perfect opportunity to do so.  (Kudos to Newsmax!) "Congressional Acrimony" cited at least four completely erroneous statements you made, which confirm that … [Read more...]

Good Tea and Bad Tea

The Tea Party Movement is something to cherish.  It is likely the only thing that will preserve our Republic.  The national Tea Party organizations, however, are just another special interest group that have co-opted the Tea Party moniker for power.  And it kind of pisses me off. My first Tea Party rally was 4/15/09 on the Mall.  I had watched from a distance as these "tea … [Read more...]

Poisoned Tea? Well That Depends on Who Serves It…

Should the Tea Party just shut the hell up? It wasn't long ago that leftist interests across the land were trying to identify the Tea Party leader, in order to Alinskify said leader. The left failed. Try as they might, leftist minions were unable to identify, isolate, vilify, and ostracize any one leader of the Tea Party. That's because the Tea Party is not an … [Read more...]

We Want Your Money – Trailer

I can't wait for this...  Looks like it'll be fun to watch.  Check out this trailer... … [Read more...]