It’s Nullification Or Nothing

Forget the Tea Party. It's nullification or nothing. Here's why: There is no Tea Party In reality, there's no opposition political party of any sort Moreover, there's no real representation either; and Indeed, there's no longer even a functioning Constitution. Wake up.  The fix has long been in.  We've been had.  So let's get real. First, the Tea Party's … [Read more...]

Gun Control: All You Need To Know

The latest round of rubbish flooding our in boxes is an ignorant rant claiming that the Dick Act of 1902 (which respects our Right to be armed) can’t be repealed because to do so would “violate bills of attainder and ex post facto laws”. Who dreams up this stuff? Is it a Marketing company? Does anyone check it out before they spread it around? Of course we have the … [Read more...]