Election Day Blogs to Watch

Here's a quick list of the people I'll be watching tonight. Also be sure to get on Twitter and follow me @tobeRIGHT - I'll be in the northern Virginia Command Center with a brain trust of patriots. The Conservative Hideout always has something good to say. Political Realities is always thoughtful.  Some good stuff coming out of these pages. A personal favorite, sharp … [Read more...]

White Folks is Gonna Riot?

I watched this with great interest.  (Thanks, incidentally to Right Wing Sparkle for tweeting...)  you know, I'm not even sure how I feel about this - mixed emotions, to be sure. But...  You gotta love the spirit and his passion.  This is something to see... Crazy, eh? Still...not quite sure how to feel about this. Who'da thunk I wouldn't have an opinion... … [Read more...]

What They Stand For

The Republican debate last night was a mere blip on the radar screen.  For the talking heads, Election 08 is in full swing.  For normal Americans, it is only May 2007 and we are interested in more pressing issues; building businesses, spring landscaping, getting the kids through the school year, etc. Interestingly, even at this early date each candidate seems to have latched … [Read more...]

Bush did it – whatever it was…

It doesn't mater what the situation is - it's Bush's fault.  If it weren't so serious it'd be funny.  Tim Russert sat there over the weekend and listened (with a straight face) to Joe Biden blame President Bush for everything from suicide bombers to the VA Tech murders.  Unbelievable.  Biden took it one step beyond - suggesting that Republicans in general are responsible for … [Read more...]

Securing Insanity

Liberals just can't get it right.  Every problem in the world, every social wrong, every bad situation is somebody's fault.  It has to be this way because it is the only avenue for victimizing the greatest number of people and victimization is the basis for many, if not all, liberal constructs.  32 college kids are murdered (the killer is not worthy of including in the … [Read more...]