Terrorism & ISIS are Americans’ #1 Concern

The American public is swirling with many controversies, concerns and political opinions. People are taking to social media to voice concerns about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, party rules at the Republican National Convention and currently the buzz is due to the Democratic National Convention's lack of flying Old Glory - although there have been Palestinian flags flying and … [Read more...]

No Fear

In today’s world, all one has to do is turn on the news to trace the body-littered path of ISIS carnage. Images fill our screens of ISIS as they douse a pilot in gasoline and set him on fire; eagerly record his tortured screams and writhing agony. But this is only their latest atrocity. ISIS beheads parents in front of children, children in front of parents, and hostages in … [Read more...]

The New War in Iraq: Can Obama Get Out of His Own Way?

The reignited war in Iraq is the latest result of a long string of incompetent decisions made by President Barack Obama. His premature decision to withdraw from Iraq left a power vacuum that the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is happy to fill. ISIS is taking over Iraq with a speed and efficiency reminiscent of the Nazi blitzkrieg across Europe in World War II. … [Read more...]

Airport Security Starts Long Before You Check In

Preparing to fly back home to Virginia from the Clearwater, FL airport, I told a TSA agent I was an ‘opt-out’ for the full body scanner. Standing in stocking feet, with my belongings spread about on the baggage scanner, I waited for 10 minutes until a woman came out of the back to do a full body pat-down. As others went through the scanner and collected their belongings, I … [Read more...]

My 9/11 Story

Do you remember 9/11?  I mean, really remember it? I was a channel manager for Qwest Communications at the time.  My morning commute was from Centreville, VA about 20 miles into Arlington, VA.  The Qwest building is in an area called Ballston, just a couple miles from DC. I was on Route 50 traveling East toward DC, about 3 miles from the Potomac headed into Arlington. … [Read more...]