Election Day Blogs to Watch

Here's a quick list of the people I'll be watching tonight. Also be sure to get on Twitter and follow me @tobeRIGHT - I'll be in the northern Virginia Command Center with a brain trust of patriots. The Conservative Hideout always has something good to say. Political Realities is always thoughtful.  Some good stuff coming out of these pages. A personal favorite, sharp … [Read more...]

New Hampsire Polling Place Shooting

Fox News has an AP report that two people have been shot at a New Hampshire polling place. Here is the Breaking News Report: Published November 02, 2010 | Associated Press New Hampshire State Police say two people have been shot in the North Country town of Pittsburg and a suspect is on the loose. Police say one of the victims was shot in the chest and "is not doing … [Read more...]

Christine O’Donnell – The Schizo-Conservative

Christine O'Donnell is a curious case.  Of course the main stream media and leftists (is there a difference?) are just hammering away at her.  This is to be expected, I suppose.  After all, she is a conservative. So let's dispatch with the obligatory observations that, frankly, have already been made. She's a woman and a conservative - she will get beaten up by Hollywood, … [Read more...]

The November Election Rout – Don’t Get Cocky!

Everybody thinks the Republicans are going to win big in the November elections.  Here are just a few of the political happenings that have conservatives fired up about November: 500,000 showing up for the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally on the Mall Obama and the left supporting the Ground Zero Mosque Tea Party supported candidates beating old-school GOP candidates in … [Read more...]

Republicans Have a Marketing Problem

Republicans have a marketing problem. Everyone dances around it, but sooner or later the elephant in the room will step on your toe. Well, I have a sore toe. First, what do you think of when you think of a Republican? Really….what do you think? I bet it’s some combination of greedy, white, mean-spirited, male, racist, capitalist, rich, jerk. Sound about … [Read more...]