Polling Irregularities?

And we're off! I voted this morning at the Gainesville Middle School in Gainesville, VA. This is the 11th District of Virginia and the race is between committed leftist Gerry Connolly and conservative businessman Keith Fimian. Guess who I voted for? I lingered for a while outside the school, chatting with the guy handing out Republican sample ballots. This is a job I … [Read more...]

HealthCare Passes – Where to From Here?

Sick of getting hit over the head? I am. Every day I sit slack-jawed in front of the computer or TV as I watch the daily news unfold. Usually I end up yelling at the screen at some point. One thing after another: one insult after another; one accusation after another; one assault on freedom after another; one talking head after another excusing tyranny with tortured logic…it … [Read more...]