Being American and Being Obama

As we approach the election,Americans are face with a choice more fundamental than in past elections.  The choice this year is not just about policy.  The choice this year is about who will embrace America in order to save America. After watching the new movie by Dinesh D'Souza: 2016 Obama's America, I came to the conclusion that Barack Obama is missing certain qualities … [Read more...]

Obama’s Pitiful Cry For $3

I had to laugh when I got the email...  Obama begging for money.  Of course, all politicians beg for money, but this one seemed so much more pathetic than usual. The pitch - if you could call it that - begins with Obama admitting he's getting beat.  Then he goes on about how it's all because Romney does nothing but hang around mean rich people. Then, the really fun part. … [Read more...]

What Super Tuesday Means

What exactly does Super Tuesday mean?  For conservatives?  For liberals? First, some background on what exactly Super Tuesday is... This is the date, typically in late February or early March, when many States all have their election primaries.  Pardon the rudiments, but I think it might be valuable to layout the process in simple terms: When a party (Republican or … [Read more...]

The Republican Debate…Again

Last night was yet another chapter in the tortured saga of "Republicans At The Gate: Can We Get Them To Insult Each Other?" This saga has been produced and directed by the main stream media and, Newt Gingrich's thrashing of John King notwithstanding, has been largely effective. Check out this question: John King to Ron Paul:  You called Rick Santorum a name.  Want to … [Read more...]

Obamagenics – The Systematic Destruction of a Country

What has Obama done?  What are his greatest accomplishments?  Well, I'd say waking up the Conservative Movement is at the top of the list.  Obama's list of accomplishments is long. The only problem is that he is accomplishing exactly what he set out to accomplish: the destruction of the United States, so that he can re-make it in his sick, twisted image. Ha! I just coined … [Read more...]