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Good Tea and Bad Tea

The Tea Party Movement is something to cherish.  It is likely the only thing that will preserve our Republic.  The national Tea Party organizations, however, are just another special interest group that have co-opted the Tea Party moniker for power.  And it kind of pisses me off. My first Tea Party rally was 4/15/09 on the Mall.  I had watched from a distance as these "tea … [Read more...]

Herman Cain Wants Proof – I Kinda Do Too

Hermain Cain made a comment (gaff?) a few weeks ago about being uncomfortable with Muslims in his cabinet.  I rolled my eyes when I heard it, not so much because of the substance of what he said, but because someone running for President should learn to control their message...that was a sloppy comment. Yesterday on Beck, he clarified his position.  Now, he says he wants … [Read more...]