Killing The Retards

Editors Note:  My friend, Susan Cloud, posted this over at RedState. It should be read and shared far and wide. Please share! Ann Coulter tweeted something rather offensive during Monday’s Presidential debate in which she used the word “retard,” and the entire world is now up in arms calling her an insensitive hatemonger. I have my own opinions about the hysteria over this … [Read more...]

Calling All Conservatives – Sherrod Brown and Abortion

Did you know that essentially every time Sherrod Brown has the opportunity to vote in favor of preserving innocent human life, he chooses to do just the opposite? Indeed, throughout his far-too-many years in the House and Senate, he has invariably voted not only to uphold abortion-on-demand, but to continue using our tax dollars to pay for it. Worse yet, he consistently … [Read more...]

A Casual Redefinition of Murder

In the abortion debate, arguably, the most persuasive reasoning that abortion opponents present is the assertion that an unborn fetus is a living, human being and therefore entitled to the basic human rights as any other living person. Abortion proponents claim that a fetus does not qualify as a “person” which, in their mind, justifies abortion according their own moral … [Read more...]

The Scourge of Planned Parenthood

This is just breaking...  Karen Handel's resignation as CEO from Koman should infuriate every person who has been touched by breast cancer.  Ms. Handel is a patriot and a real stand-up woman. Planned Parenthood is a scourge.  They kill some 350,000 babies a year.  Their name alone makes me sick to my stomach. My past support for Koman will be directed elsewhere from this … [Read more...]

White Folks is Gonna Riot?

I watched this with great interest.  (Thanks, incidentally to Right Wing Sparkle for tweeting...)  you know, I'm not even sure how I feel about this - mixed emotions, to be sure. But...  You gotta love the spirit and his passion.  This is something to see... Crazy, eh? Still...not quite sure how to feel about this. Who'da thunk I wouldn't have an opinion... … [Read more...]