Romney vs. McCain – Krauthammer’s Real Question

Charles Krauthammer wrote a cheerleader piece for Mitt Romney in Human Events this morning.  The piece is entitled Mitt vs. Newt. Yeah right. Krauthammer should have titled the piece "Why You Should Pick Romney Over Newt."  At least he would have been openly honest about it. Don't misunderstand, I'm not suggesting Charles is being disingenuous, he's merely allowing the … [Read more...]

Krauthammer Declares Romney Most Electable, ToBeRIGHT Declares Krauthammer Most Idiotic

Alright, I like Charles Krauthammer. I really do. But boy does he reek of establishmentism. (That's a new word.) Six months ago, Romney was pretty much the guy. You could still hear rumblings about Sarah Palin, but by April, it started to crystallize that she is sitting this one out. In June and July, Bachmann came on strong. Then Perry came onto the scene. Then … [Read more...]