ToBeRIGHT On Air With Mark Davis

Last Friday I had the opportunity to go on the air with Mark Davis.  Mark is the host of the most popular radio talk shows in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and is a real stand out voice of the conservative movement.  As a frequent substitute for Rush Limbaugh, Mark has led many to ask the question: When is he going to be nationally syndicated?! The Mark Davis Show got wind of … [Read more...]

Chris Christie Ties to Terrorism? A Closer Look

Please, please don’t let it be so!  It was a refrain echoing throughout the conservative blogosphere for the last couple of days after reports that Governor Chris Christie is sympathizing with terrorist allies. Say it ain’t so! It all started on last Thursday when Governor Christie filed a series of nominations for various positions and judgeships.  On the list was a … [Read more...]