Must See Occupod Video

First, a big hat tip to my friends at the Conservative Hideout for the heads up on this video.  The Occupy movement is, if not dead, at least kind of an embarrassing afterthought these days.  Still, the young commies are still out there railing against private property, capitalism, individualism and any other freedom-laced idea. So it was heartening to see this video.  A kid … [Read more...]

SOPA – The End of The Internet

[Editors update:  1/18/2011 6:35PM - If you're looking for additional information on SOPA and FAQ, we have added another resource.] If you have not heard of SOPA, you need to know what it is. SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act. This is a law that gives the government the authority to put websites on a blacklist, so that the site is not accessible in the … [Read more...]

The Fourth Cataclysm – A Changing America

Through US history, there have been a few cataclysmic shifts in how we live.  The first, most obvious, was the Civil War.  In the post-war era, life changed dramatically both culturally and economically as the country adapted.  The second was the Great Depression.  That people lived through the Depression, by itself, was not the reason for the shift; it was political.  … [Read more...]