12 Things That Made Me Conservative (And a Good Marketer)

There are many things that shaped my views on politics, making money, and life in general... Until I graduated from college, I didn't know shit. In fact, I don't think I knew much of anything until some years after college, when life's lessons had a chance to congeal into a set of principles. Here are some of the things I've learned: 1) All about selling… My first … [Read more...]

Ron Paul, God and Freedom

Over at the Republican Mother there is an interesting piece today.  She is responding to a New American post about why Republicans seem to dislike Ron Paul.  Republican Mother hits on some potent themes, each of which should be discussed and understood by every patriotic American.  The ideas presented warrant further comment... First, the Republican Mother says about … [Read more...]

Just Shut Up and Play the Game

I remember as a kid we were constantly outside playing.  Sometimes we dressed up in our Dad's old army fatigues and played war.  Sometimes it was kickball in the cal-du-sac.  We even made up games, "Scorpian Circle," a game where the participants try to knock each other off their BMX bikes, with no helmets, I might add. The point is that we were always playing … [Read more...]

Google is a Conservative

Back in 2008 I wrote that Google was a Republican.  This was in the run up to the election.  Three years later, it's fun to examine the perspective, since what had been considered right wing conspiracy theory has become the reality of the Obama presidency.  Here's what I wrote back in 08... Okay, I get it, Google is not an individual. But Google is treated like one all the … [Read more...]

We Want Your Money – Trailer

I can't wait for this...  Looks like it'll be fun to watch.  Check out this trailer... … [Read more...]