Top 10 Conservative Blogs and Websites

New Conservative Blog List - UPDATED FOR 2017! My how the landscape changes in just a few short years. At the original posting, Andrew Breitbart was still with us and Fox News had not yet imploded. But one thing remains the same... to come up with the top 10 conservative blogs is no easy task. We'll leave the old links below for posterity. Here 's the new list: 10) The … [Read more...]

Election Day Blogs to Watch

Here's a quick list of the people I'll be watching tonight. Also be sure to get on Twitter and follow me @tobeRIGHT - I'll be in the northern Virginia Command Center with a brain trust of patriots. The Conservative Hideout always has something good to say. Political Realities is always thoughtful.  Some good stuff coming out of these pages. A personal favorite, sharp … [Read more...]