A Dozen Blogs You Need To Bookmark (and WTF is Wrong With People?)

Today's topic was almost "What The F**k Is Wrong With People" after I read up on the stupid 18 year old snot who is suing her parents.  The list of people who have to be completely F'ed in the head is staggering:  Her parents (Mr and Mrs "I'm a lenient parent" share some of the blame, for sure), the friends father who is bank rolling the lawsuit, the lawyer who took the case, … [Read more...]

Mid-Day Notes From CPAC

It's 1:00 here at CPAC, and time for a quick update. First, a couple quick observations... Conservatism trumps Republicanism There is a ground swell of support for Rick Santorum The air is thick with energy Young people are fully engaged CPAC and the Marriott need some organizational help My initial walk through was great.  I had the great pleasure of … [Read more...]

CPAC 2012 Live Web Stream

[Read more...]

Why People Are Interested In Politics

What is it about politics that get's us all so fired up? I was Tweeting last night during the hour before the Joke of the Union address. (See!  There I go!  Why would I have written "Joke" instead of "State?"  Because if the emotions behind the idea.  Let me explain...) So I'm tweeting away with my couple thousand online friends.   It was fun; Obama, Biden and the crew … [Read more...]

Color and Sex Don’t Matter – So Stop Talking About It.

I'm tired of hearing about how Republicans need a bigger tent to win.  I'm tired of hearing about this class of people and that class of people; this color and that color; this race and that race.  I'm over it! I also don't care about what your sexual proclivities are.  Really, I don't care and neither do most conservatives.  Save for the Log Cabin types, you rarely hear a … [Read more...]