Grievances Against the King – Then and Now

A new Rassmussen survey - the best in the business - shows that 70% of Americans still believe that: "…governments derive their only just powers from the consent of the governed.” Well, that's good, I guess. But wait…that means 30% of people DON'T agree with it! Anybody sense a problem here? I do. I smell a big fat stinky rat. And the rat has a donkey branded on its … [Read more...]

What The Founders Would Have Said

If our founding fathers were alive today, what might they say about our government? What list of charges might they level against our government? Here, we recreate a modern Declaration of Independence, borrowing from our founding fathers. Note that we refer to the government as "It." The government has long ceased to be a representative body, duly elected to serve the … [Read more...]