Three Years of Devastation – The Obama Legacy

If you were trying to harm America, and you were President, what would you do? Would you impose draconian regulations on major industries? Would you constantly demogogue business? Would you pit American against American by appealing to envy and hate? Would you threaten to increase tax burdens on businesses? Would you squander your duties as Commander-in-Chief … [Read more...]

$1.5 Trillion is Not Enough…Duh…

Breaking news!  A new headline at reads:  "Bipartisan Group of Senators Call on Super Committee to 'Go Big' on Deficit Cuts."  These rocket scientists don't think $1.5 Trillion over 10 years is enough. Ya think? This entire thing stinks.  Smells like dirty feet.  Or maybe some rotten chicken.  Or maybe one of those stink-bombs that stunk up my High School … [Read more...]

The Lies Obama Told You – And Keeps Telling You

A Florida court ruled that Obamacare is unconstitutional.  Good, it is.  Let's think this through for a minute - even with our paltry non-ivy league brains...  Here's how Obamacare works: Tell everybody - you must buy insurance.  Even if you don't want it, or need it, you must buy it.  If you don't you pay a penalty. But if people cannot be compelled to buy a service and … [Read more...]