Two Words For Barack Obama – Guess Which Two?

So, Barack Obama doesn't think business owners did it on their own. Really? Well, here is a largely incomplete list of the things I did and do every day to run my business. And lemme tell you something - I didn't get a God-damned bit of help from anyone. Things I DID NOT Get Help With To Start and Run My Business: (Don't miss the bit of commentary at the end - you won't … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Fix The Economy (That Obama Will Never Do)

There is a great discussion going on over at Political Realities.  The article is all about how Obama is (purposefully?) destroying the US economy and position in the world.  It is this article that inspired a recent posts here about Obama's failures. This got me thinking... What SHOULD Obama be doing? Well, it didn't take long to come up with a short list of things … [Read more...]

Stick a Silver Fork in Socialism

I love this from Rachel Marsden: "Well, it’s finally happened. Once again, socialism has put a silver fork in itself. Standard & Poor's has downgraded France’s AAA credit rating, giving the country side-eye on claims to have its debt under control. This means the country will now have to pay it all back at an even higher interest rate. Who are we kidding? No one’s … [Read more...]

Obama – Stop The Class Warfare and Do Your Job

The scuttlebutt on the street isn’t pretty, but America is resilient and our problems can be fixed, but not while Obama is Captain of our ship.  His second stimulus isn’t paid for and will cost taxpayers billions of dollars; so that’s not a solution.  A second stimulus is like putting a couple of old used batteries in the “energizer bunny,” and praying that it will keep going, … [Read more...]

$1.5 Trillion is Not Enough…Duh…

Breaking news!  A new headline at reads:  "Bipartisan Group of Senators Call on Super Committee to 'Go Big' on Deficit Cuts."  These rocket scientists don't think $1.5 Trillion over 10 years is enough. Ya think? This entire thing stinks.  Smells like dirty feet.  Or maybe some rotten chicken.  Or maybe one of those stink-bombs that stunk up my High School … [Read more...]