News Stories You’ll See Before November

Apart from innumerable puff pieces heralding the overwhelming success of ObamaCare, we can expect a flood of this kind of news before the mid-term elections in Nov 2014. Expected from THE NEW YORK TIMES OBAMA CREATES NATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM TO REDUCE UNEMLLOYMENT Authorities say unemployment will drop to 2% within three months Training films for a variety of skills … [Read more...]

When Boehner Attacks – John Boehner Rips Tea Party And Risks 2014

Our nations most favorite crybaby, John Boehner, has decided that he doesn't much like the tea party. But don't worry - he's "as conservative as anybody..." (Belly laugh of the day.) But here's the problem - Boehner doesn't remember 2012, when the Tea Party stayed home. Mitt Romney - nice guy - was not the constitutional conservative we needed to make things right (sorry for … [Read more...]

To Save The Republic

Though I may not agree with the outcome of the presidential election, I am more proud to be an American today than yesterday. I will continue to serve this nation, I will continue to be her shield and I will continue to love her. It has long been the duty of the few to protect the many. Today however it seems that the few are scarce and the many too great. This still does … [Read more...]