Are Gas Prices Obama’s Fault?

In a word, yes. I filled up my wife's car this morning. Have a look at this: Speaks for itself, no? So when I hear Bill O'Reilly going on about how the oil companies are colluding to raise the prices - for no reason - it infuriates me. First, the oil companies are NOT killing it with profits. ExxonMobile posted a profit margin of 9% in 2011. If my company ran … [Read more...]

Obama’s Gas Prices – And He Wants Them Higher

Why are gas prices so high? You need look no farther than to President Obama. In 2009, with the economy knocked on its heels, gas prices cracked $3.00 a gallon. People were PISSED. Fast forward to February 2012. I paid $3.62 per gallon to fill up the Tahoe yesterday. It cost me about $80 to fill up. I shutter to think about gas prices tomorrow. Now, I'm spending … [Read more...]