Cantor Hears From Conservatives and It Ain’t Good

The talking heads make a big deal out of any semblance of a “rift” within party ranks. Especially if it is between tea party types and establishment Republicans. Most of this is just bluster to prop up Democrats. But there is a story that deserves attention, not from the media, but from Republican members of Congress. The people are fed up – big time. We don't care what … [Read more...]

Young Guns Coming for the Shrill Left

Everywhere you turn the left is in a panic.  The evidence is everywhere: On Twitter, the vitriol has reached epic proportions.  The liberals who are posting comments are noticeably more vicious than ever before. Liberal blogs are getting more and more shrill.  The columns are filled with personal insults and name calling. Editorial pages are getting just insane - see … [Read more...]