Obama, Holder, Napolitano, ATF – No One Is In Charge

Brian Terry & Jaime Zapata Died Protecting Our Country and Obama, Holder, Napolitano and ATF go merrily about their business (whatever that might be.)  Each one of these people have denied knowing that thousands of guns went walking across our border into Mexico. It appears that no one is in charge, America I guess we’re flying on our own; we’re on auto pilot.  That … [Read more...]

Holder Will Go Down…Hard

Eric Holder is a contemptuous jackass.   Just thought I'd set the tone properly... The first time I thought so was in the wake of the New Black Panther election fiasco. You may remember, Holder didn't think black on white election intimidation should be investigated, or punished for that matter. By the time Holder forced Dayton, OH to lower it's standards on the entrance … [Read more...]