SOPA Information and FAQ

This information about SOPA - the Stop Online Piracy Act -  has been compiled by a variety of sources. SOPA - House Bill HR3261.  The purpose of this bill is to protect the owners of copyrighted material from unlicensed sale and distribution.  The bill was first introduced by Lamar Smith, a Republican Congressman from Texas. PIPA - A closely related bill officially known … [Read more...]

There is No Separation of Church & State in the Constitution

The First Amendment, and indeed the entire Constitution, says NOTHING about the separation of church and state. In the run up to the 2010 elections, Christine O'Donnell of "I'm not a witch" fame, displayed a commanding understanding of the Constitution and the principles by which it was founded.  When her leftist opponent Chris Coons, an admitted Marxist, begins throwing … [Read more...]