What Does Smaller Government Really Mean?

Smaller government is the foundation upon which conservative political philosophy is built. In this multi-part series, we’ll look at exactly what smaller government really means. Summary of What Smaller Government Means Reduced Spending - hard dollar reductions in government expenditures year over year. Fewer Regulations - at the end of 2016 there were 178,277 pages of … [Read more...]

The Future of the United States, Federalism, and the Republican Party

Tuesday's election results are disturbing. Not because Barack Obama will be President for another four years but because he won at all. In other words, it is not what will happen over the next term, but what has already happened over the last century. We are losing the war with progressivism. There will no doubt be two distinct camps within the center-right analysis of … [Read more...]

Where Do You Get Your Freedom?

Stop now and ask yourself this question before going any further:  Where do you get your freedom? It's a simple question with a simple answer. But the answer means everything. On Sunday, NBC covered the US Open Golf Tournament.  This is one of the most important tournaments in the golf world - a "major" championship.  As part of their coverage, NBC put together a … [Read more...]

What the Fourth of July Really Means

Each year we celebrate the Fourth of July to commemorate not just independence, but to celebrate the anniversary of the first time in human history that a people declared as a matter of governance, that they carried with them freedom granted by God. I like to ask liberals and progressives: Where do you get freedom? If the answer is, "...from the law," or "...from the … [Read more...]

The Nature of Freedom

Freedom has changed. What was once the inspiration that compelled men to lead their families to a distant land in order to begin a new life unencumbered by smothering totalitarianism, it has become some vague notion given only scant lip service when politically expedient. Freedom must be redefined to its original splendor. It must be pushed back up to the status that was … [Read more...]