Gerry Connolly – Wishful Thinking

Today I see a Facebook post by Gerry Connolly, our entrenched leftist Congressman from northern Virginia.  Like most leftists in Congress, Connolly thinks that the government exists to take money from some, and hand it out to others.  Worse, his arguments against real, grownup approaches to solving problems, are misguided at best and downright sophomoric at worst. So Gerry … [Read more...]

Trim Government and Cut Taxes? No Way!

The federal government is about to shut down again. Good. With any luck, the shut down will last a long time.  At least that way we won't have legions of unelected career bureaucrats making rules about how the rest of us should live. The House passed Obama's tax cut and now the Democrats are threatening to block it. Gerry Connolly, Virginia's lefty extraordinaire, … [Read more...]

Congress is Lying or is Inept – Which is Worse?

I have been calling my Congressman relentlessly since Congress decided to go Socialist. In the latest reply from Gerry Connolly, I really got fired up. I am so tired of hearing Barrack Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all the others explain that a competitive public option will help Americans and our health care issues. Since when does the Government have to "compete" with the … [Read more...]