Restoring Honor 8/28 – The Good and the Bad

I'm finding myself defending my opinion about the 8/28 rally to a whole bunch of conservatives.  I didn't intend for it, but that's the way it has shaken out.  So I figured some notes of explanation may be in order... First, anyone who has spent even a few minutes on these pages knows full-well that we believe passionately that our freedom is granted by God.  No man or … [Read more...]

8/28 Rally in DC – Pictures and Notes

Against the advice of nearly everybody I spoke to, I drove into DC on Saturday morning for the 8/28 rally in DC.  I have to admit, I did not know what to expect.  On the drive home afterward, I reflected on what I had observed and decided that my main take-away was that the 8/28 rally was emblematic of the backlash that is building steam across America. That's really about it.  … [Read more...]

8/28 Rally in DC – ToBeRIGHT Meet Up & Caravan

Restoring Honor - 8/28 - will be held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. ToBeRIGHT will (of course!) be there. Since there are many friends, family and Twitter friends who are also going, I'm posting a place and time for a meet up and caravan. Been There, Done That... Since I have lived in northern VA just about my entire life, I've been to many … [Read more...]