Healthcare Signups – What Obama REALLY Knows About You. Yes, You.

The Obama administration continues to trickle out data on how many people are registering for insurance through Obama and his minions count a "selected a plan" as a "signup," and that is the number they report. This is a lie. Back in November, I "selected a plan" as I did some investigative work. So I guess I'm counted in their numbers. Of course, I would … [Read more...]

Google is a Conservative

Back in 2008 I wrote that Google was a Republican.  This was in the run up to the election.  Three years later, it's fun to examine the perspective, since what had been considered right wing conspiracy theory has become the reality of the Obama presidency.  Here's what I wrote back in 08... Okay, I get it, Google is not an individual. But Google is treated like one all the … [Read more...]