Eddie Murphy to Paul Ryan…

I hear the GOP is not getting many donations. Good. They don't deserve them. Why on earth would I send money to a bunch of clowns, who have no idea what to say to the American people, or how to say it? I've been getting emails from Paul Ryan…Team Ryan. I've counted some dozen emails over the last month. Not one of these emails says anything to me other than, "We have to … [Read more...]

When Boehner Attacks – John Boehner Rips Tea Party And Risks 2014

Our nations most favorite crybaby, John Boehner, has decided that he doesn't much like the tea party. But don't worry - he's "as conservative as anybody..." (Belly laugh of the day.) But here's the problem - Boehner doesn't remember 2012, when the Tea Party stayed home. Mitt Romney - nice guy - was not the constitutional conservative we needed to make things right (sorry for … [Read more...]

Republican Debates – Why They’re So (Not) Important

Did you hear?  Newt Gingrich is a GREAT debater.  He'll mop the floor with Obama in the presidential debates! Yaaaawwwwwwwwnnnnnn. The Republican debates are now useless and the Presidential debates are almost useless. Wanna know why? First the Republicans...  Does anybody - I mean ANYbody - need another debate to figure out who they like out of Ronmey, Gingrich or … [Read more...]

Wanted: A Clear Message From Republicans

I've long thought that Republicans have a marketing problem. I hear my friends and relatives say things at the dinner table that are far more effective than anything coming out of the GOP. Save for Paul "Sorry I voted for TARP" Ryan and now, Adam Kinzinger. Who?? Adam Kinzinger, Representative for Illinois 11th Congressional District. This guy could easily be you … [Read more...]

Christine O’Donnell – The Schizo-Conservative

Christine O'Donnell is a curious case.  Of course the main stream media and leftists (is there a difference?) are just hammering away at her.  This is to be expected, I suppose.  After all, she is a conservative. So let's dispatch with the obligatory observations that, frankly, have already been made. She's a woman and a conservative - she will get beaten up by Hollywood, … [Read more...]