Healthcare Costs – Hear What Obama Administration Now Admits!

So Obama spent three years telling us, "Under my plan the average family will see their healthcare costs reduced by $2500." That's an AVERAGE he was talking about - that means a bunch of people will save even more! But then there is this: So tell me - any idea why this wasn't the tune Obama was singing back in 2009? No, he was too busy skucking and jiving to Al Green. … [Read more...]

Proof Obama Lied – Actively Lied – About Obamacare

Bufoonologists across the nation have been pondering whether or not Obama actually lied when he said, "If you like your plan, you can keep it, period." Most of the news heads come down in a similar fashion to Bill O'Reilly, who thinks that Obama probably just didn't know that there would be millions - that's right, millions - of policy cancellations. Obama did know.  And … [Read more...]

Now, How Do We Get Rid Of Obamacare? Nullify It!

We are Americans. We are resourceful. When doors are slammed in our faces, we find another way. Since five (5) lawless judges on the U.S. supreme Court betrayed us by failing to declare the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“obamacare”) unconstitutional; since we may be stuck with Obama for four more years; 1 and since a Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate will not repeal … [Read more...]

The Lies Obama Told You – And Keeps Telling You

A Florida court ruled that Obamacare is unconstitutional.  Good, it is.  Let's think this through for a minute - even with our paltry non-ivy league brains...  Here's how Obamacare works: Tell everybody - you must buy insurance.  Even if you don't want it, or need it, you must buy it.  If you don't you pay a penalty. But if people cannot be compelled to buy a service and … [Read more...]

Conservative News Quick Hits 9/10/10

The blogoshere is boiling over with fantastic commentary and information about government, politics and liberty. Here are a couple of items that are must read quick hits... Over at Emerging Corruption there is a fantastic piece by James Simpson. In this interview with Allen West, you'll get a glimpse into the mind of one of the most potent speakers coming out of the … [Read more...]