The Obama Agenda – Tyranny

The History channel’s “Sons of Liberty” series may have been short on facts but they did a great job of capturing the colonist’s passion. That was the secret to the colonies’ victory, passion, dedication, and commitment. That’s what President Obama brings to the table, passion for his agenda, commitment to his transformation aka revolution, dedication to each piece of his … [Read more...]

Healthcare Signups – What Obama REALLY Knows About You. Yes, You.

The Obama administration continues to trickle out data on how many people are registering for insurance through Obama and his minions count a "selected a plan" as a "signup," and that is the number they report. This is a lie. Back in November, I "selected a plan" as I did some investigative work. So I guess I'm counted in their numbers. Of course, I would … [Read more...]

Health Care Reaction

I didn't hear the news until about 11:00.  I had just come out out of a my car from the garage and was headed back into New Jersey from Manhattan.  I had an hour drive in front of me.  Here are the thoughts that went through my mind... How could John Roberts side with the liberals?  The individual mandate is so clearly unconstitutional - even to a layperson - … [Read more...]

Is Everyone On Crazy Pills?

This is re-printed with permission…a fantastic piece…Thanks, Bobby for your passion and patriotism! Written by: Robert Johns, concerned US Citizen It is a sad state of affairs when illness could strike any one of us and bankrupt our families even with health insurance.  One thing both sides of the aisle agree upon is we need health care reform.  Our dollar is depreciating … [Read more...]

46 Million? Are You Sure Mr. Obama?

President Obama lies. I am comfortable saying so because he does it all the time - many of his deceitful comments are chronicled in these pages. At the Portsmouth, New Hampshire Town Hall meeting on August 11, 2009, the President said: I don’t have to explain to you that nearly 46 million Americans don’t have health insurance coverage today. This is a flat out lie. It was … [Read more...]