How about this for Bias…

There's no liberal bias in the press.   Ha! I glanced down at yesterday's Washington Post and see this headline: Immigration Compromise Faces New Opposition Proposal Stays Alive, But Foes Lie in Wait Do I even need to pick this apart? Alright, just a little... The very first word, "Immigration" gives an air of legitimacy. This is not about immigration. This … [Read more...]


Jimmy Buffett said it best when he said, "...and it was so simple like the Jitter Bug it plum evaded me." Immigration is a simple problem.  The political hacks on the left AND on the right are making it out to be some colossal, multi-faceted problem.  Not so.  Here is the solution to the illegal immigration problem: Secure the borders.  Done.  See?  Simple, eh? I don't … [Read more...]