Killing The Retards

Editors Note:  My friend, Susan Cloud, posted this over at RedState. It should be read and shared far and wide. Please share! Ann Coulter tweeted something rather offensive during Monday’s Presidential debate in which she used the word “retard,” and the entire world is now up in arms calling her an insensitive hatemonger. I have my own opinions about the hysteria over this … [Read more...]

Liberal Language – a Moving Target

This was too good not to post. The Conservative Hideout is one of our favorite hangouts. This is a real gem that deserves mention. We're no stranger to coining new terms here at ToBeRIGHT. A couple that come to mind are: Buffoonologist: /buh-foon-olo-jist/ 1. noun - a person, usually a politician, who thinks they are smarter than everybody else, but who is actually … [Read more...]