Liberal Language and the Vicious Cult of Diversity

Leftists often begin arguments with an unusual qualifier: “As a Latino…” or “As a woman…”- seemingly superfluous statements when it’s self-evident to all that, yes indeed, they do appear to be Latino or a woman. We can all see this, so why remind us? We all know that the Left has always been obsessed with race, gender and sexual orientation, but I could never quite make … [Read more...]

Brian’s Story: Profile of a Liberal Troll

What makes writing and editing ToBeRIGHT is the joust.  Regular readers know that we never shy away from an argument on these pages.  Heck, they're half the fun.  From time to time we get a commenter on one post or another who transcends argument completely, but serves a purpose nonetheless. This is the case with Brian. On Saturday morning, I checked my email to find 9 … [Read more...]

Democrats vs Republicans

It is an epic battle between right and wrong, between good and evil, and indeed for the very soul of man. Democrats vs Republicans. A little dramatic?  Maybe.  Dead serious?  You bet. An honest examination of Democrats vs Republicans reveals a few interesting conclusions: Most people have the same goals in mind with regard to politics, the means to that end is … [Read more...]

Liberal Language – a Moving Target

This was too good not to post. The Conservative Hideout is one of our favorite hangouts. This is a real gem that deserves mention. We're no stranger to coining new terms here at ToBeRIGHT. A couple that come to mind are: Buffoonologist: /buh-foon-olo-jist/ 1. noun - a person, usually a politician, who thinks they are smarter than everybody else, but who is actually … [Read more...]

Liberal Myths Debunked

Obamacare has done one good thing: it has created a situation where conservatives and libertarians are no longer opposed to individual government policy initiatives, rather it has created solidarity against government expansion in general.  Virtually everything the Obama White House has done, or is threatening to do, is making this solidarity stronger.  With each passing day, … [Read more...]