Trump Rules on Transgenders in the Military [INSERT LIBERAL SQUEALING HERE]

Everyone could hear it...the sound of the main stream media and liberals all across the land squealing like stuck pigs. If you aren't sure, here's the sound I'm talking about... Note how the hungry piggies are a perfect metaphor for the main stream media. Perfect! Still, no disrespect to the pigs, I'd like to publicly state my apology for using them to illustrate liberal … [Read more...]

Thank You, Kathleen Donnafield

This morning I read an interesting comment to my post Barack Obama – Commodus Reincarnated? So interesting that I believe my response warrants an entirely new post. Here are her comments and my response: “Commodus was an ancient figure I was doing research on and was astounded to find your post. Since I couldn’t take the time to read what was written at that moment, I decided … [Read more...]

A Casual Redefinition of Murder

In the abortion debate, arguably, the most persuasive reasoning that abortion opponents present is the assertion that an unborn fetus is a living, human being and therefore entitled to the basic human rights as any other living person. Abortion proponents claim that a fetus does not qualify as a “person” which, in their mind, justifies abortion according their own moral … [Read more...]

Liberals Banning Sweets on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a terrible thing. Chocolate candies, jelly beans, and God forbid Peeps! The Principle at Horace Mann School near Boston is fed up. He thinks that Valentine's Day candy is a very bad thing, and so has banned it from his school. The school sent an email home to parents saying that any candy on Valentine's Day violated the schools prohibition against … [Read more...]

Why People Are Interested In Politics

What is it about politics that get's us all so fired up? I was Tweeting last night during the hour before the Joke of the Union address. (See!  There I go!  Why would I have written "Joke" instead of "State?"  Because if the emotions behind the idea.  Let me explain...) So I'm tweeting away with my couple thousand online friends.   It was fun; Obama, Biden and the crew … [Read more...]