News Stories You’ll See Before November

Apart from innumerable puff pieces heralding the overwhelming success of ObamaCare, we can expect a flood of this kind of news before the mid-term elections in Nov 2014. Expected from THE NEW YORK TIMES OBAMA CREATES NATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM TO REDUCE UNEMLLOYMENT Authorities say unemployment will drop to 2% within three months Training films for a variety of skills … [Read more...]

Media Excuses for CT Shootings

A maniac killed 9 people on Tuesday and the media is beginning to excuse it because of race. You heard that right. ABC News has a full length article about the terrible suffering that this worm dealt with at work - all because of the implied racists that worked there. The article uses 911 calls to further the narrative - each time a 911 caller referred to the killer as … [Read more...]