What Super Tuesday Means

What exactly does Super Tuesday mean?  For conservatives?  For liberals? First, some background on what exactly Super Tuesday is... This is the date, typically in late February or early March, when many States all have their election primaries.  Pardon the rudiments, but I think it might be valuable to layout the process in simple terms: When a party (Republican or … [Read more...]

Who Should Drop Out? Rick, Newt or Mitt?

Last week, Laura Ingraham asked Newt Gingrich if he could foresee putting his weight behind Santorum, to create a mass of conservatives to get behind the "notRomney." But since Gingrich took South Carolina, the tables have turned in some circles. My opinion is that Newt won SC because he slammed John King so bad, voters were simply giving him a pat on the … [Read more...]

When Republicans Act Like Clowns

The Republican debate of the day is whether or not Mitt Romney is an evil economic home wrecker. Someone want to tell me how the heck we got here? I have an idea...  you see, the Republican presidential candidates are acting like clowns. Actual circus clowns, complete with red noses and rainbow-colored hair.  I can just see Rick Perry playing a life sized whack-a-mole in a … [Read more...]