Muslims Demand AMERICAN Food Stamps Meet Islamic Standards

Yeah, you heard that right. MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) - A Somali women's advocacy group is demanding a review of its request for county support of a halal food shelf in the Twin Cities. The Isuroon Project says there is a “desperate need” for a culturally-specific halal food shelf in the metro, but that Hennepin County has denied its requests for support.... “We want to make … [Read more...]

Herman Cain Wants Proof – I Kinda Do Too

Hermain Cain made a comment (gaff?) a few weeks ago about being uncomfortable with Muslims in his cabinet.  I rolled my eyes when I heard it, not so much because of the substance of what he said, but because someone running for President should learn to control their message...that was a sloppy comment. Yesterday on Beck, he clarified his position.  Now, he says he wants … [Read more...]