The Debt Ceiling – The Problem and the Solution

The debt ceiling is the maximum amount of money the US Government can borrow. Let's go through the current debate about raising the debt ceiling and get to a simple solution.... First, here is how much we've spent over the past several years: 2008 - $2.9 Trillion 2009 - $3.1 Trillion 2010 - $3.55 Trillion 2011 - $3.83 Trillion (Here are the details.) In 2008, … [Read more...]

The Lies Obama Told You – And Keeps Telling You

A Florida court ruled that Obamacare is unconstitutional.  Good, it is.  Let's think this through for a minute - even with our paltry non-ivy league brains...  Here's how Obamacare works: Tell everybody - you must buy insurance.  Even if you don't want it, or need it, you must buy it.  If you don't you pay a penalty. But if people cannot be compelled to buy a service and … [Read more...]

Euro Bailout for Greece – a Spoiled Child

How many college kids do you know who racked up some credit card debt? Forget college kids, how about kids in their 20’s (note that the Obama administration thinks you’re a dependent child until you’re 26)? Here’s how it usually goes with a spoiled child… Some spoiled kid starts using her credit card to buy stuff. A table for her new apartment; a new outfit for that Spring … [Read more...]