Two Words For Barack Obama – Guess Which Two?

So, Barack Obama doesn't think business owners did it on their own. Really? Well, here is a largely incomplete list of the things I did and do every day to run my business. And lemme tell you something - I didn't get a God-damned bit of help from anyone. Things I DID NOT Get Help With To Start and Run My Business: (Don't miss the bit of commentary at the end - you won't … [Read more...]

Obamagenics – The Systematic Destruction of a Country

What has Obama done?  What are his greatest accomplishments?  Well, I'd say waking up the Conservative Movement is at the top of the list.  Obama's list of accomplishments is long. The only problem is that he is accomplishing exactly what he set out to accomplish: the destruction of the United States, so that he can re-make it in his sick, twisted image. Ha! I just coined … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Fix The Economy (That Obama Will Never Do)

There is a great discussion going on over at Political Realities.  The article is all about how Obama is (purposefully?) destroying the US economy and position in the world.  It is this article that inspired a recent posts here about Obama's failures. This got me thinking... What SHOULD Obama be doing? Well, it didn't take long to come up with a short list of things … [Read more...]