Eddie Murphy to Paul Ryan…

I hear the GOP is not getting many donations. Good. They don't deserve them. Why on earth would I send money to a bunch of clowns, who have no idea what to say to the American people, or how to say it? I've been getting emails from Paul Ryan…Team Ryan. I've counted some dozen emails over the last month. Not one of these emails says anything to me other than, "We have to … [Read more...]

Gerry Connolly – Wishful Thinking

Today I see a Facebook post by Gerry Connolly, our entrenched leftist Congressman from northern Virginia.  Like most leftists in Congress, Connolly thinks that the government exists to take money from some, and hand it out to others.  Worse, his arguments against real, grownup approaches to solving problems, are misguided at best and downright sophomoric at worst. So Gerry … [Read more...]

Rep. Paul Ryan: Obama is Abdicating Leadership

The 2011 budget battle is heating up.  Based on what the early reports of, Obama is doing what liberals do best: Increasing taxes, borrowing more money, and lying about the size and significance of cuts.  I'll let Paul Ryan explain - he does it better than I could ever hope to: … [Read more...]

2012 – Who Will Play, Who Will Win, Who Should Win & Who Shouldn’t

The 2012 election began with the Barack Hussein Obama campaign launch in Tucson, Arizona a few weeks ago. Then, in the second campaign stop in as many weeks, BHO took to the stump at State of The Union. This second stop was particularly effective. And why not? Billed as "The State of the Union Story Time and Imagination Club" it was sure to be a real crowd-pleaser. The … [Read more...]

Remember Why We Hate Obamacare! Watch This…

I have had recent conversations with a few strong conservatives regarding the real catalyst behind the Tea Party movement. I contend that the real fire was ignited when health care legislation was being pushed through Congress last Summer. But I have been reminded that the Porkulus bill was probably what set off the movement. The April 15th 2009 Tea Party was really what … [Read more...]