More Teacher’s Union Lunacy

Here's another great example of how teacher's unions are utterly dismantling the education system in the U.S... In Buffalo, New York union members are provided with no-cost, no-deductible plastic surgery procedures originally designed to cover the costs of reconstructive surgery from serious accidents and burns. Despite its original intent, the benefit, known as a “cosmetic … [Read more...]

Public Union Corruption Explained

The news cycle is all Wisconsin, all the time these days.  As we pointed out in The Real Story About Wisconsin Unions, when unions negotiate for benefits with the same people they deliver campaign contributions to, it is corrupt.  Heritage put together this short video that does an excellent job at explaining this.  Check it out... … [Read more...]

The Real Story About the Wisconsin Unions

It shouldn't surprise me that no news outlet is covering the Wisconsin union problem with any clarity at all.  Everything I have heard centers around Governor Walker wanting to strip public unions of collective bargaining rights.  The storyline goes, that in order to solve the budget crisis, he has to do something. That's all fine and dandy, but it doesn't address what is … [Read more...]