Celebrating Donald Sterling and Clive Bundy

I live in Fairfax County, Virginia, a prosperous suburb in the metropolitan Washington DC area. It is now springtime, which means that every Saturday my wife and I go down to Sandy Spring Park on the Occoquan River to watch our son row for Oakton High School. At every regatta, the grandstand is filled with families cheering their children and schools. We also cheer and … [Read more...]

Tea Party Movement Crushes Racist FaceBook Commenter

This afternoon I glanced through my Facebook page to get caught up on all the comments posted by friends over the weekend. A link from the Tea Party Patriots popped up with a link to Hot Tea Radio, an internet broadcast.  As I often do, I "liked" the link and started perusing the comments. About 5 or 10 comments down was the most vile, racist comment I have seen. My … [Read more...]

Media Excuses for CT Shootings

A maniac killed 9 people on Tuesday and the media is beginning to excuse it because of race. You heard that right. ABC News has a full length article about the terrible suffering that this worm dealt with at work - all because of the implied racists that worked there. The article uses 911 calls to further the narrative - each time a 911 caller referred to the killer as … [Read more...]

Liberals Think the Constitution is a Racist Document

We’ve seen liberals and progressives (or whatever the fashionable title du jour of Marxists is) try to both re-write history and craft new rules for governance as their twisted view of Utopian madness evolves. The former is meant to strip any sense of context from our minds and create a sense of disenchantment with our founding; the latter is so that once history is learned … [Read more...]