Is Barack Obama Stupid, Evil, Inept or Brilliant?

We're $16 Trillion in debt.  We have 8.2% unemployment, and if you give up looking for work altogether, the government says, "congratulations, you're no longer unemployed."  We have anemic growth at under 2%.  Obama has ruled by edict to violate federal law in how federal agents handle encounters with illegal aliens, and ignored the constitutional in doing do.  Obamacare is a … [Read more...]

America, Land of Economic Freedom! Well, Sort Of…

When I think of the United States, i think of prosperity. I think of potential. I think of all the great things that could be. All because we're free. Like the proverbial child looking up at his Dad, saying, "One day I want to be President." Or maybe, "I'm going to be an astronaut." For most of my life, these visions of what could be was the essence of my … [Read more...]

Smaller Government – What Does it Mean?

Leave me alone!  It is such a simple concept, but one so burdened with contempt.  Interestingly, liberals at once demand a complete lack of judgment or infringement by any one person to any other, yet they also seek to take more and more of our personal freedom through legislation and judicial fiat.  Ah, the dichotomy of the modern liberal.  On closer examination, we see that … [Read more...]