What Happened To The Landslide?

One of my top New Year’s Resolutions was to write a posting for a conservative blog in 2014. That’s right, 2014, not 2015. Unfortunately, a number of intervening events distracted me from this particular resolution. The good news is that I was still able to cross my main 2014 resolution off the list. I completed my first novel that will hit the market later this month. Too … [Read more...]

Who Should Drop Out? Rick, Newt or Mitt?

Last week, Laura Ingraham asked Newt Gingrich if he could foresee putting his weight behind Santorum, to create a mass of conservatives to get behind the "notRomney." But since Gingrich took South Carolina, the tables have turned in some circles. My opinion is that Newt won SC because he slammed John King so bad, voters were simply giving him a pat on the … [Read more...]

Huckleberry Rick Shows Up On O’Reilly

The Rick Perry 2012 campaign took another step into the electoral grave earlier this week on O'Reilly. As I watched, I started squirming a little. Kind of the way I do when an American Idol contestant gets up to sing, and she's really bad, but doesn't know it. I wanted Perry to do well. He was my guy, at least before he actually got into the race. I watched him give … [Read more...]

Poll: Who Should Republicans Get Behind for 2012?

It's almost half way through 2009.  Although it has only been a few months since BO took over, it seems like a lifetime.  Indeed, he has spent more money than a few lifetimes of Presidents! We need to start focusing on our guy (or gal) for 2012.  But who?  I have a part of me that thinks we need a previousely unknown candidate.  A dark horse who can rally the troops.  But … [Read more...]