Do Not Speak For Us, Karl Rove

Dear Karl, I've been wanting to tell you exactly what I think of you for more than a year now, and the article Newsmax recently emailed me, "Karl Rove: Congressional Acrimony Irritates Americans," has provided me the perfect opportunity to do so.  (Kudos to Newsmax!) "Congressional Acrimony" cited at least four completely erroneous statements you made, which confirm that … [Read more...]

The Conservative Movement Must Purge RINO’s

In the most ego-centric, self-serving, spineless political move of the year, Arlen Specter switched sides and became a Democrat yesterday. Good Riddance. This is exactly what conservatives need; to purge our Congress of Republicans who sacrifice their ideals and political philosophy, to the extent that that had any to begin with, for positions of increasing power and … [Read more...]